Karl Lohnes: Saving graces for tight student spaces... Laundry Day

Concentrated laundry strips are lightweight and take up little space.

Laundry day

by Karl Lohnes  •  Special to the Montreal Gazette

Publishing date:   August 21, 2021

For a student living away from home, doing laundry might be a whole new world. Lugging around laundry detergent, cleaning up spills, and storing bulky jugs can be a real hassle. New pre-measured concentrated laundry strips might be the solution students need.

They look similar to a dryer sheet and are a fabulous solution to messy pods, powders and liquids. Simply rip off a strip and put it in the washer with the dirty clothes — it dissolves in hot or cold water and the concentrated soap disperses evenly. These little strips save space, are eco-friendly (no more large plastic jugs to dispose of), don’t require measuring, won’t spill, and are lightweight for lugging to the laundry machines. Professor Karl gives them top marks for making laundry day easier on hectic study days.