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Shipping & Handling

  • Where can I buy USolve products?

    We currently sell online only; on Amazon and our website

  • Can I try your product for FREE?

    Yes! You can sign up for a FREE sample trial on our website. You'll be charged a minimal cost for shipping

  • How much is shipping and handling?

    We keep our shipping costs low by using Canada Post Standard Mail for all deliveries

  • Where is USolve shipped from?

    From our warehouse in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We avoid all plastic in the shipping process

  • Where is USolve manufactured?

    Usolve is assembled in Canada from components made in China. We are stringent with our product quality and work closely with our factory partners to produce a top-of-the-line product. We do not cut corners. Your safety is important to us

Product Details

  • How do I use USolve?

    Add a strip to your normal wash (1 strip = 1 load)

  • Can I use USolve with a septic system?

    YES! Our strips are concentrated, low-sudsing and biodegradable

  • Where do I place the USolve strip in my front-load High Efficiency (HE) washing machine?

    For best results:
    1. Rip a strip according to 1 strip = 1 load (if you have less than a load, simply rip in ½)
    2. Top-load washer: place strip inside washer before your clothes
    3. Front-load washer: place strip in detergent dispenser (tear strip into smaller pieces if necessary)

    If your washer has separate detergent compartments for pre-wash and main wash cycles, we suggest you place part of the USolve strip in each compartment. Use USolve as you would any detergent

    For all washers, USolve can also be placed directly in the washer, on the bottom of the drum before adding clothes.

    With newer HE machines that use very little water the USolve strip can get wrapped up in clothes before it gets wet enough to dissolve completely. People experience this issue with pods at times as well. USolve can be placed in the dispensing compartment where the flow of water dissolves the strip

  • Why does USolve produce less soap suds?

    The amount of suds does not relate to cleaning power. High Efficiency (HE) washing machines function best with low-sudsing detergent formulations that are specifically designated as HE-compatible. USolve uses a special, low-sudsing formulation that is HE-compatible and effective for all other types of washing machines

  • How many strips of USolve should I use?

    1 Strip = 1 Load
    For small loads, you may want to cut a strip in half. For larger loads, add a strip.
    As with any detergent, you may want to increase the amount of detergent used if your water is hard or when laundry is extra soiled or extra large

  • Is USolve safe to wash with silk, cotton, wool, or cloth?

    As with any detergent, you should remember to always refer to the item’s washing label instructions. Use USolve as you would any other detergent

  • Is USolve good to use in hot AND cold water?

    YES! Our Eco-strips will easily dissolve in both hot and cold water

  • If I have sensitive skin, can I use USolve?

    YES!  Many of our current customers say it's the first detergent that works on their sensitive skin!  If you have specific skin allergies, please consult with your health care professional. In full transparency, we provide our ingredients list here on our website

  • Can I use USolve on cloth diapers?

    YES! Our formula is made for sensitive skin and babies. Unlike most leading liquid detergents, USolve is hypoallergenic

  • Is USolve okay to use on moisture-wicking fabric?

    USolve is safe for most synthetic fabrics but we always recommend that you follow the specific washing and detergent recommendations of each clothing manufacturer. It does not contain cationic surfactants or solvents

  • What is the shelf life of USolve?

    We recommend using USolve within 2 years of purchase. That is a much longer than the 6 to 12 months shelf life recommended for most leading liquid and powder detergents

  • Is USolve vegan?

    YES! We are a cruelty-free brand! We do not use animal derived ingredients nor test on animals. We voluntarily publish our ingredients list as part of our commitment to transparency and sustainability

  • Is USolve palm oil free & Gluten free?


Orders & Returns

  • How long will it take to receive my shipment?

    All packages are shipped the following business day via Canada Post Standard Mail from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Shipping time will vary

  • If I don't like the product, how do I return it?

    We offer a money back guarantee if you don't like the product within 30 days (return shipping cost is not included). Contact our customer service, 

  • Will there be taxes on my order?

    YES! Taxes will be applied to your order in countries and regions where we are required to collect taxes

  • What about customs and importing fees?

    In most cases, small orders aren't subject to importing fees, but this varies from country to country. In the event you are charged importing fees when you receive the package, you will be responsible for the fee

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"Love this product! It cleans just as well as the liquid detergent without the bulky plastic container. My only wish is that it came in a box instead to be more environmentally friendly."

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I am really happy I tried this product. It's as easy as using pods, dissolves completely, and gets things clean. It takes up very little space on a shelf and can even be placed in a nice container to keep it out of sight.

Happy Customer

This product works just like it’s bulky cousins, liquid or pod detergent. This is our second purchase and we will continue to buy as needed.

Happy Customer
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There's no more measuring, no messy spills, and no  storing heavy containers. Life in the laundry room is transformed!

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